Mother’s Day is such a special holiday, revolving around the celebration of being a mom. Every year it is a challenge to find the perfect gift that expresses our appreciation for them. Show the moms in your life that you care by giving the gift of self-care! Although it may seem like we couldn’t ever repay them or fully show them our appreciation, a gift that focuses on taking care of their needs may just be exactly what they need this year! 

When picking out the perfect products for someone else, you can’t go wrong with an argan oil product. Argan oil is versatile and adaptable to everyone’s individual needs, making an argan oil product the perfect gift for anyone. Argan oil is non-comedogenic meaning it will not clog your pores and easily absorbs into the skin. The oil is a natural skin balancer that regulates oil production, so if the mom you’re gifting to has oily, dry, or normal skin (or maybe you’re not sure) it will most likely turn into their new favorite ingredient! For a unique Mother’s day gift, a specially curated self-care gift basket is always a go-to. This basket could include their favorite bath accessories and at least three argan oil products: a hair mask, multi-purpose oil, and an everyday item.

Hair Mask

The first product to include in the perfect mother’s day self-care basket is a hair mask. The mom bun is a real thing and a hair mask is a perfect way to rejuvenate any neglected or damaged hair. Our collection of hair masks vary from targeting specific hair needs to more generic needs. If you aren’t sure what type of hair they have, we recommend the O’Green Argan Oil Nutrition infusing hair mask. This hair mask will make any mom feel as if they are getting a salon treatment in the comfort of their own home! 

Multi-purpose Argan Oil

A multi-functional item is a great addition to the self-care basket for when they may not have as much time or are on the go. The convenience of having a hair, body, and face oil all in one makes healthy and hydrated hair and skin easily achievable! You will find the perfect multi-purpose oil browsing our collection of body oils

Everyday Product

An item that is used every day will remind them that you care about them daily! A luxury hand cream or hydrating shower gel is both useful and thoughtful. Many moms struggle to devote time to themselves, especially throughout the past year, yet they have continuously been there to pick us up when we are down. However, a few argan oil products are sure to encourage at least a few moments to relax and to nourish themselves. Visit our products page to shop for all of our top-rated argan oil products!


Once you have gathered all the items for your Mother’s day self-care kit, do not be afraid to add yummy treats, self-care tips, and thoughtful letters to your basket to make it a more personalized gift. A self-care basket will be sure to win the best Mother’s Day gift this year!



*** Although argan oil is suitable for most individuals and allergic reactions are extremely rare, you should always consult your doctor and check the ingredients if you have any concerns.

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